Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A day out of time:::Hunab Ku:::leap day

the great galactic pause

this day is 0.0

0 is full of pure potential ~ decimal . is the power of  NOW

it is an important time to be in the energy of potential~in the now~

to create from a place of innocence

Hunab Ku refers to the center of the universe and the supreme creator


The half moon~a reminder of the daily to choosing to be either authentic and true self-expression or to be dutiful and abandon yourself 

When we honor the core of who we are, the light of our authentic selves is illuminated by the moon :)

An important day to reset ones personal inner cosmology to a higher frequency to match more of the cosmic frequency

ending co-dependency!


a time to gather new information, make plans, lay foundations

conceptualize new ideas to invoke!

positive change:::new beginnings


a time to fortify and strengthen your body and self

during this waxing moon, the body absorbs more easily (good and bad)

eat flowers breath light <3


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